Man Impregnates Ex- girlfriend During Lockdown After Fiancee Postpones Wedding.

Head of Nigeria Police Complaints Response Unit, Yomi Shogunle, has shared how a bride in waiting has been hospitalized due to shock.

According to Shogunle, the bride’s fiance impregnated his ex-girlfriend during lock-down after her family opted for indefinite postponement of their wedding.

The groom’s family’s request of a quiet wedding and the bride moving in with the groom was rejected. The waiting groom and is ex then reconnected during the lock-down and then got her pregnant.

“A wedding slated for Week-2 of #CoronaVirus lockdown.
Due to new bylaws, groom’s family suggested a quiet solemnization (10 people) & big party later but bride’s family opted for indefinite postponement. Groom’s request for bride to move in wit him till new date was rejected.

The waiting groom & Ex connected, she came on a visit,couldn’t return to her base cos of inter-state lockdown. They stayed together all through the stay-at-home orders.
Ex is now pregnant, their parents saying no abortion.
Bride in waiting now hospitalized for shock.”

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