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Meet The Democratic Candidate Running For Ohio House District 2, Self-proclaimed Antifa Radical & Socialist Sam Grady.

Self-Proclaimed Antifa Radical Running for Ohio House on Democratic Ticket

If you were wondering just how far left the Ohio Democratic Party could go, wonder no more.

Meet the Democratic candidate running for Ohio House District 2, self-proclaimed Antifa radical and socialist Sam Grady.

Sam Grady’s Twitter page.

Sam Grady celebrates vandalism, looting and the pummeling of police officers by rioters.

Taken from Democratic Candidate Sam Grady’s Twitter page.

One would think such a candidate would be shunned by the Ohio Democratic party and by House Minority Leader Emilia Sykes. Sadly, this is not the case.

Democratic Chairman Larry Weirich said the party has not “endorsed” Grady, but they also have not denounced this dangerous individual or asked him to step aside. The party has not repudiated Grady’s radical and hate-filled statements.

From Sam Grady’s Twitter page. Grady is a Democrat running for the Ohio House.

No legal action has been taken by the Democratic party to remove Grady from the ticket and Ohioans can expect to see this Antifa terrorist on the ballot in November.

Ohio House District 2 includes Mansfield and Richland County. Grady is running against Republican Marilyn John

Source: ohiostatehousenews.com

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