Nigerian Man Shares Photos Of What Happened To Him After Sucking Lady’s Private Part.

A Nigerian Twitter user is being asked to not only treat himself but also tell the lady who might’ve given him Herpes to treat herself after he took to the social networking platform to share photos of what grew on his face days after giving the lady head.

@Kandiwapa11 took to his page to share how he got sick for about three days and was left with gross bumps on his lips after he gave oral sex to a lady. He shared photos the photos with the caption,


After sucking pussy the other day this is what i got
I got sick for like three days.

His tweet sparked a lot of reactions from his followers with many of them asking him to go treat himself for Herpes and also let the lady who might’ve infected him know about being a potential STD carrier and should also treat herself.

They also asked him not to share things that pass through the mouth, not even a smoke… See photos he shared below,

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