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Jackie Appiah Ghanaian Actress Dispels Pregnancy Rumors For George Weah Liberian President.

 As one of the biggest stars in Ghana, Jackie Appiah is used to crazy rumours about her….but this one seems to take the cake!

The Nollywood actress is at the centre of allegations that she is having an affair with Liberian President George Weah, and that she is currently pregnant with his baby!

The story began after Jackie reportedly struck up a friendship with the former Ghanaian footballer-turned-politician, who won the presidential elections a number of years ago.

Following a public appearance last week (where she showed off her customised Maserati) where a number of trolls commented on her weight gain, celebrity bloggers started circulating rumours that somehow the pair are romantically linked to each other – and are keeping their bundle of joy a secret from the world!

But Jackie has hit back at the claims, insisting they couldn’t be further from the truth.

The star is captured in a clip responding to the rumours saying; “Please ignore all rumour…do I look like a pregnant woman here?

“It’s not true, I don’t entertain unnecessary gossip.”


Jackie also took to her Instagram page to post a picture of herself with a very telling caption which read; “The laughter that dispels lies and fabricated stories”.

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